What's Going on in Sacramento?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Food Festival in Fremont Park


Ever wonder why you don't see more food vendors on the corners in downtown Sacramento like you would in a larger city like San Francisco? That's because Sacramento has massive restrictions, and SactoMoFo is hoping to be the kickstarter in getting the laws changed. 

On Saturday, April 30 2011 - all afternoon and evening, from Noon to 6 pm is the Sacramento Mobile Food Festival! They'll be two dozen vendors - some carts, some trucks and mobile grills - from the Sacramento region and throughout the Bay Area on hand to serve you, your family and friends a tasty, filling and hopefully mellifluous afternoon of food and music. Ride your bike or take light rail if possible - Fremont Park is just across from the 16th Street station - out of respect for the park's residential and business neighbors. Parking will be available, but it will be very limited.

Bring small bills and a big appetite. We'll see you there!

Gluten Free-go explore and see what kind of gluten free options are available. Make mobile carts aware. Our sources tell us Emma's Tamales will be there and some of her tamales are a tasty gluten free lunch!

For more details and to find out more about the mobile cart movement check out http://www.sactomofo.com/


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  2. Emma's Tamales was here and they were delicious! I tried the Seafood Tamale- yum, and her corn chips are the best!